Introduction to Missions 3.0

Watch This 90-minute Intro to Missions 3.0 Webinar

Missions 3.0 is a framework for doing missions in the 21st Century in which the end goal is all about lasting change. How can church missions become a catalyst for lasting, self-sustaining change for people caught in material poverty? Missions 3.0 gives a church a UNIFYING FRAMEWORK and a COMMON LANGUAGE upon which to build a SHARED VISION for missions. It is our experience that as a church becomes more adept at this kind of mission work it becomes more relevant and credible to its own community, more fulfilling to both pastor and people and more genuine and appealing to those on the margins looking for a reason to attend a church.

Churches go through a natural progression that begins with giving money (Missions 1.0) to worthy causes followed by the desire to get personally involved through volunteerism (Missions 2.0).  But, in time, every church begins to ask the question, “Are we making a difference that will last?” (Missions 3.0)

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Voices From the Frontlines

A Series of Webinars Exploring How the American Church Can Help in the Wake of Covid-19

Voices From the Frontlines is an initiative of Significant Matters in partnership with ministries on the frontlines working with churches to serve the poor and vulnerable in dignified, effective and sustainable ways.  Tom Bassford, President of Significant Matters and creator of SATtalks, facilitates these conversations with global practitioners on how the North American church can do better at caring for the poor and vulnerable around the corner and around the world.  See all of The Voices From the Frontlines Webinars on our SATtalks YouTube Channel

How the Church Can Better Serve the Homeless in the Wake of Covid-19

How the American Church Can Serve the Poor Through Enterprise Solutions

How the American Church Can Best Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Impacted by COVID-19