Mssions 3.0 is a framework for doing missions in the 21st Century in which the end goal is all about lasting change.  How can church missions become a catalyst for lasting, self-sustaining change for people caught in material poverty?  Missions 3.0 gives a church a UNIFYING FRAMEWORK and a COMMON LANGUAGE upon which to build a SHARED VISION for missions.  It is our experience that as a church becomes more adept at this kind of mission work it becomes more relevant and credible to its own community, more fulfilling to both pastor and people and more genuine and appealing to those on the margins looking for a reason to attend a church.

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The work of Missions 3.0 is so critical in helping churches understand how to be better partners to ministries like ours that are trying to create sustainable solutions.  We can’t do this without the local church!

Cheryl Cuthbertson | Director of Sustainability & Partner Development, Children of the Nations Intl