This is a workshop for KEY LEADERS and MISSION LEADERS of the church who are grappling with missions in an ever-changing world.  It’s for churches and other community partners that have read books like “Toxic Charity” and “When Helping Hurts” and are asking, “Now what?”

This 6-hour workshop identifies key stakeholders, core practices and an ongoing process to move missions beyond the “helping that hurts” narrative.  It’s a way to understand and organize so that a church can translate good intentions into specific actions.  Mission 3.0 accelerates the learning curve and pace of change because it provides a common language and a unifying framework upon which a church or even a whole community can build a shared vision.

Churches that become more invested in this approach to missions become more helpful in lifting people out of poverty and better partners to ministries on the frontlines.  They also become more relevant and credible to their community, more fulfilling to both pastor and people, and more appealing to those on the margins looking for a reason to attend a church.

Overview of Missions 3.0

Missions 3.0 Workshop Coming to Cedar Rapids Area
Sponsored by St. Mark's Lutheran Church
October 12, 2019
9 AM - 4 PM

Address: 8300 C Ave NE, Marion IA 52302

I am genuinely excited about this workshop.  Our church has been wrestling with these issues for awhile now and the Missions 3.0 Framework seems like the perfect next step for us as a congregation.  I’m equally excited at the possibility that other churches and community partners could join us on this journey.  I know we’re not the only ones wrestling with this.  I hope you will join us for this.  If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me.  Hope to see you on October 12.

Marlys Fruhling | Director of Missions and Outreach, St Mark’s Lutheran Church |

Who is Missions 3.0 For?

The Business-Minded

Business-Minded People looking for a way to apply their business mind and faith to the work of missions.

 We heard businesspeople talking about different models for missions that I’ve never thought about before and that’s key, because my church is full of wonderful business leaders who want to make a difference.

Mike Pearce | Mission Pastor, Huntsville Baptist Church

The Mission Leader

Mission Leaders looking for workable models, practical tools and other like-minded practitioners.

 The value of this was being with other like-minded people who pushed me to think bigger and helped me identify resources for some of the things we’ve been wrestling with. 

Lynette Fields | Exec. Dir. of Community Transformation, St Luke’s UMC

The Senior Pastor

Pastors looking for a way to regain cultural credibility and lead their church beyond “helping that hurts.”

 The problem with our helping is that we’ve created such dependencies.  And the thing we are talking about here is how do we begin to move toward creating real world solutions that actually begin helping solve some problems. 

Rick Rusaw | Sr. Pastor, LifeBridge Church

The Non-Profit

Non-Profit Leaders looking for a place to have real conversations about the hard work on the “front-lines.”

This is for churches and other non-profit organizations looking for new and innovative ways to make change.  These conversations and the work of Missions 3.0 is so critical in helping churches understand how to be better partners to ministries like ours that are trying to create sustainable solutions.  We can’t do this without the local church!

Cheryl Cuthbertson | Director of Sustainability & Partner Development, Children of the Nations Intl.