Rethinking Missions for the 21st Century

In this day and age, many see the church as the hope of the world only as it “proves” itself in practical ways that touch the everyday needs of everyday people in everyday ways.  But that’s not a cry for more traditional forms of charity or the missionary model of the past 200 years.  Instead, thoughtful people, from Millennials to Boomers, are looking for churches that have moved from simply doing good things to solving real problems in lasting ways.

Significant Matters Launches Equity-Based Crowdfunding Portal For the Faith-Driven Community

What is Reg CF Crowdfunding and Why Is It a BIG DEAL?

No doubt you have heard the term “crowdfunding” before, generally in reference to something like a Kickstarter campaign or a GoFundMe page. At its most basic level, crowdfunding is about raising small sums of money from a large group of people… a crowd!

Equity crowdfunding uses this same basic model, but instead of trying to raise donated dollars its aim is to raise investment dollars.  You are not making a donation but rather an investment in which you will receive a percentage of ownership or some kind of other financial stake in the company with the possibility to earn a return on your investment.

Significant Matters recently launched EquityVest, a Reg CF (Crowdfunding) portal to serve the faith-driven community.  We are bringing together entrepreneurs and investors who believe it is possible to run a business that both fuels the enterprise and evidences the virtues and vision of our Christian faith.  We mean to leverage both the passion and compassion of the faith-driven community to support business as a God-ordained means of overcoming poverty, extending the gospel and creating a free and virtuous society.


Reg CF Crowdfunding

What’s the BIG DEAL?

This isn’t “donation-based” fund raising, it’s equity/debt-based investment and it’s regulated by the SEC.  Watch this 5-minute video to see why this is such a BIG DEAL!

Other voices demonstrating business and mission can co-exist.

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Economic Missionaries, Impact Investing and Innovation with the Business-Minded

The big story of community and spiritual transformation as well as poverty alleviation around the world could be sitting in church pews today. Could the most effective way for the church to alleviate poverty be to equip and release business people, equip economic missionaries and participate in impact investing, leading to job creation and human flourishing? Meet some of the innovators from SaTtalks wrestling with how to make a bigger spiritual and economic impact in the world and how the local church can be better equipped to lead the way.

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How We Can Help Your Church

Mssions 3.0 is a framework for doing missions in the 21st Century in which the end goal is all about lasting change.  How can church missions become a catalyst for lasting, self-sustaining change for people caught in material poverty?  Missions 3.0 gives a church a UNIFYING FRAMEWORK and a COMMON LANGUAGE upon which to build a SHARED VISION for missions.  It is our experience that as a church becomes more adept at this kind of mission work it becomes more relevant and credible to its own community, more fulfilling to both pastor and people and more genuine and appealing to those on the margins looking for a reason to attend a church.

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Through my work, I come into contact with a lot of churches who understand the ‘Toxic Charity’ message, and  are ready to move beyond it. What they need now are positive, actionable models. Significant Matters and its various initiatives can help equip those same churches with what they need to take the next step.

Andrew Vanderput | PovertyCure/Acton Institute

SATtalks:  A Library of Over 60 Free Videos

SATtalks is a yearly gathering where we film our presenters before a live-audience, provide training and connect churches to an international network of peers, partners and resources committed to moving missions beyond traditional charity and short-term fixes.  It’s a chance to expose key leaders in the church to these ideas and rub shoulders with other like-minded people.  We also do a one-day version called SAT@(the name of your city) designed to be a catalyst for bringing your community together around this type of mission.

See all the videos here – SATtalks YouTube

Free Webinars – “Voices From the Frontlines”

Voices From the Frontlines is an initiative of Significant Matters in partnership with ministries on the frontlines working with churches to serve the poor and vulnerable in dignified, effective and sustainable ways.  It’s a chance to enter into a meaningful conversation with seasoned practitioners on the frontlines and hear them answer the question, “What do you need the most from the American Church?”

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See previous Voices From the Frontlines webinars on our SATtalks YouTube Channel.


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