Rethinking Missions for the 21st Century

For churches that have read books like “Toxic Charity” or “When Helping Hurts” and are asking, “Now what?”

Our purpose is to help churches reframe their missions work around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people who can help that happen.

Significant Matters and its Missions 3.0 Framework helps churches re-think the way they do missions.  Through our Workshops, Peer Learning Accelerators and SATtalks we connect you to a network of peers, partners and resources committed to moving missions beyond simple charity and short-term fixes.

What is Missions 3.0?

Some of the world’s greatest social ills such as poverty, hunger, joblessness, and disease are still prevalent after decades of generous and sacrificial giving from caring people around the world. We have brought short-term relief and individual betterment to many of the world’s most vulnerable but the improvements are typically short-lived.  If we hope to see lasting change, we will have to change our ways.   More of the same methods will simply produce the same outcomes – improvements that are unsustainable and progress that won’t last. The Church needs a missional upgrade.

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SATtalks and Missions 3.0 Pre-Conference

Join us this year | October 29-30, 2020 | Kansas City | MORE DETAILS HERE

We need the stories of pioneers working with new models as a way to help us picture what could be. One of the great lessons learned through the TED Talk phenomenon is that you can actually accelerate the learning curve of new ideas by bringing innovative people together to share their best ideas, discoveries, models and lessons with others.

SATtalks is a two-day event that brings together leading voices from around the world to talk about their model.  Presenters give their best 18-minute talk before a live audience followed by a time for Q&A.  It’s a way to help the church begin to see what could be if we think in terms of sustainable solutions.

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Church Missions for the Business-Minded

It’s one thing to have a heart for the poor, it’s quite another to have a head for the poor.  We must have both.  A significant focus area for Significant Matters and the work of Missions 3.0 is on the business-minded people in the church.  It is this group that brings expertise and experience for things like “Business as Mission,” Impact Investing and the overall idea of sustainable solutions.  Church missions can’t do this without them.  We can help your church learn how to create the space and opportunities to unleash this much needed resource through your church missions.  Here are just a few of the SATtalks focused on the business-minded.

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Who We Are

Significant Matters, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to help churches and other faith-based organizations explore and create sustainable solutions through church missions.

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