EquityVest is a for-profit, Reg CF portal business enterprise launched by its sole owner, Significant Matters, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, as part of furthering its mission to advance sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems through the faith-driven community. We believe there is a great opportunity for faith-driven investors, accredited and otherwise, to join forces and help faith-driven entrepreneurs 1) to further the gospel message, 2) to create a more free and virtuous society by practicing capitalism with virtue, integrating faith, hope, and love into their businesses, and 3) to offer sustainable and transformational solutions to some of our communities’ biggest problems.

God willing, EquityVest as a Reg CF portal will achieve its goals for the benefit of all stakeholders. Significant Matters expects to retain profits in EquityVest to fulfill its top two priorities: 1) to continue to invest in the effectiveness and efficiency of EquityVest to multiply its impact on faith-driven entrepreneurs and their impact on the world, and 2) to pay off its debts and agreed-upon interest at or before maturity. EquityVest does not anticipate distributing profits to Significant Matters to further its broader mission until these top two priorities are fully satisfied.

Thereafter, the opportunity exists for Significant Matters to benefit from EquityVest distributions for the purpose of furthering Significant Matters’ mission. Consistent with its history and Christian intentions, much of which targets training, storytelling, and capacity-building for church missions, Significant Matters envisions furthering its mission using the distributed profits from EquityVest in the following areas:

Start-up Support for Entrepreneurs

EquityVest provides an essential bridge between available capital through costly early-stage angel investors and larger scale venture capital. In addition, many entrepreneurs face uphill battles getting their businesses off the ground and moving toward profitability. Using EquityVest distributed profits to supplement start-up costs for legal services, marketing, accounting, customer acquisition, and capacity building will make that battle a little easier, allowing faith-driven entrepreneurs to fulfill their God-given vocation and impact through their businesses.

Storytelling Through SaTtalks

TED Talks have proven the concept that you can accelerate the learning curve for new ideas by allowing innovative thinkers and doers the space to share their best ideas, discoveries, models, and lessons learned with others. Through Significant Matters, SaTtalks, events similar to TED Talks, we have told stories and shared practices of early faith-driven pioneers in creating sustainable and transformational solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. A full library of SaTtalks is available and it is envisioned that some of the entrepreneurial stories through EquityVest will also contribute to this storied library.

Church Missions Training – Mission 3.0

Significant Matters has offered numerous environments for rethinking church missions including workshops, peer learning communities, and communities of practice. The Church has the greatest platform and the necessary resources to impact and solve the world’s biggest problems. These trainings will continue and are aimed at recognizing and realizing that potential.

SaT Catalyst Donor Advised Fund

The Sat Catalyst Fund is an impact investing tool using donor advised funds (DAFs).  It allows individuals, churches, and businesses a way to direct donated dollars to causes and companies they believe in with the intention to generate positive, measurable social, environmental, and spiritual impact, coupled with a financial return.  We will help fund part of the operational costs of the Sat Catalyst Fund as we grow it to the point of being self-sustaining.