What We Do

Puzzle PiecesSignificant Matters is a 501(c)(3) Christian-based organization that facilitates structured collaboration. We work with individuals, private business, city government, not-for-profits and especially the faith-based community both locally and internationally to address community development and more complex societal issues in sustainable ways.

You can contact us at 12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 or 816-419-3291.


Our Mission

We exist to help individuals and organizations explore and create sustainable solutions for complex societal issues.


Our Vision

A world in which every community is a place where basic needs are being met without outside charitable resources and where the community itself can provide the means and opportunities for individuals to grow and achieve their potential.


Founder / Executive Director

TB_SAT3Tom Bassford is the founder and Executive Director of Significant Matters, Inc. He pastored for 30-plus years before starting Significant Matters in 2005. He brings a unique combination of church, not-for-profit, and executive insight in his role. His experience has been in both US and international fields and he has helped churches, businesses, city governments and various other organizations move their charitable work and missional efforts toward more sustainable solutions.