Creating Enterprise Solutions to Poverty Through Church Missions

We’ve created an impact investing fund with the local church in mind.   Significant Matters is excited to announce the formation of the SATCatalyst Fund as an incentive for churches to invest in enterprise solutions to poverty through their church mission efforts.

Many churches and especially the business-minded people of those churches are coming to see the rationale and possibilities of business creation as a part of their overall mission’s strategy.

Over the past few years we have highlighted such work through the SATtalks of Bob Lupton (Pacaya Lodge/Nicaragua), Don Larson (Sunshine Nut Co./Mozambique), Aimee Minnich (Impact Foundation), Justin Carney (Aggrandize), Randy White (“Spark Tank”), Oye Waddell (Hustle PHX) and Justin Beene (Rising Grinds Cafe).  All of them demonstrate the value and importance of investing dollars to help start or grow businesses as a way to help the poor and transform communities.

Believe it or not, you can use charitable dollars to do this. In fact, it represents one of the greatest opportunities for churches that want to create real and sustainable solutions for the poor.

Watch the video and learn more about it here:  SAT Catalyst Fund