Sponsored Initiatives are those organizations and/or start-up initiatives that Significant Matters is sponsoring under our Nonprofit Incubator. This allows individuals and groups to pursue their nonprofit passion under our charter and our 501c3 tax-exempt status while in the early stages of formation. Significant Matters offers fiduciary oversight, tax-exempt covering, accounting services, exposure as well as various levels of coaching and support as the initiative pursues a course of organizational viability and sustainability. Click on the following link to find more information about the Significant Matters Nonprofit Incubator (SMNI).


Significant Matters is proud to be assisting the following Sponsored Initiatives


The Co-Op is a group of urban and suburban churches, ministries and marketplace people in the greater Kansas City area committed to working together to impact the culture of our city as well as bring about transformation at the neighborhood level.

To read more about the Co-Op and it’s ongoing efforts in Kansas City click here

Hope Kenya is an innovative nonprofit community development organization based in Olathe, Kansas and founded by John Wilson.

The mission of Hope Kenya is to research, develop and implement programs that are likely to help poor people in their journey to break the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about Hope Kenya and read John’s story click here.

What if we could bring together service organizations that are the best and most admired and specialize in a critical area of support, and integrate them together to support individual and community development with a goal of self-sustainability?

The Sinapi Foundation was established to foster partnerships and integration of best practices in support of communities seeking self-sustainable and individually empowered development.

To learn more about the Sinapi Foundation click here – Sinapi Foundation

The Caring For Kids Network is a network of churches and businesses serving schools to help every child reach their full potential. As an organization it exists to facilitate, promote and coach church/school partnerships that can help provide every child with an opportunity to achieve his or her full potential and become productive and contributing members of their community.

To learn more about the Caring For Kids Network, the five Kansas City area school districts we’re involved in and future plans contact Gary Schmitz at revivalkc@yahoo.com .